Life is Too Short for Bad Coffees




I and my family took around Jogja, (For Your Information now I’m already officially being a student in Yogyakarta) and our first place to hang out was a small coffee cafe in the area 0 Km close to my dorm. On the side of the road there was a traffic signs, but what unique from the signs was, it was a “One Stop Coffee” not stop or verboden. The cafe was transparent at all because the walls are made of fiber glass with full decoration of coffee beans stickers and café’s logo. In front, there was a cafe small terrace also, there was a blackboard stood up, and many coffee-quotes that written on it by colorfully chalks.


The roof of the café looked a lot like europan style. And there’s Board Name Blackbone Coffee. As well as the motto of Blackbone:: Life is too Short for Bad Coffees. The cafe was relatively quiet not because the design, of course the outside design is very impressive. Maybe it was  about the price, it is too expensive for students pocket, moreover, the place wasn’t strategic . There at 0 Km area, there are many dormitory or boarding house for college student. Or .. maybe it just because it is a new cafe.


When we we entered the first room we were greeted by a very cool interior design! In the corner there was a minimalist stacking shelves a placed for coffee powders that packed in brown-gray paper bags. Along the ceiling of the room there were blackboards inscribed with infographics and many typography made with colorful chalk. But once we entered another room, hm .. a bit disappointing. Just a plain beige paint and Television-cable in the top corner of the room. The seat is a tree-legged seat. And the table is a lacquered wooden table.


Different room, different decoration. In the kitchen, where the place for action of the barista. The room was only lighted by dim lights and the dark impression was affected by the full black wall too. Ow, the black wall didn’t without meaning, it painted by white paint on a side of the room, a family Trees of assorted Coffees. Along the ceiling was a typography of 6 questions about coffee.


Such as different between light and black rosed, Arabica and Robusta, and Coffee Latte and Espresso. In the corner under a yellow light beam I took pictures in front of the diagram twister’s flavor coffees.


Meanwhile, the Espresso Machine putted on a long wooden table with the concept of a small bar, the benches a lil bit too high for our asian body, there was a stemple on the bench, stemple of the logo:: Blackbone Coffee. In other corner there was a counter to pay bill.


The waiter handed me a sheet of menus paper, small, retro design but more like far west-country. We started mentioning our order. My Dad asked to the waitress what the most popular here, “Bali Kintamani?” Guessed My Mom. He remembered our visit to Coffee Houses. “Oh, no .. Java Raung is the favorite here,” he replied hastily. “Is that.., Robusta or Arabica?”

“Oh .. there is no Robusta here mam, all of the coffees are Arabica,”

“Fine, I order one,” My Dad directly settled. My Mom ordered Papua coffee. If we compare with Coffee Houses, the naming of the coffees are not as complete as Coffe House at Jakarta, on our visit to the Coffee Houses, it called Papua-Baliem.


Fatan ordered Vanilla Latte,Azka ordered Art pudding. The cool thing of the pudding is the weave. Very artistic, the rose inside the pudding is made by injection by the chef. Not surprisingly, they’re expensive.

10417569_10202237512059216_4863484815132262932_nSoon our order was served, it turned out that it was provided with the filter machine for Java Raung coffee. so that it wouldn’t be any coffee powder sticks on the teeth.


I ordered Ice Cream Cookies, and for Fatih my youngest brother ordered Ice Cream Pancake.


ice cream pancake!

ice cream pancake!

“I prefer to arabica because there ia an sense of acid, than robusta, hmm robusta isn’t natural,” My Mom said, sipping her coffee. I hope this is not our last visit, if you want to visit Jogja, beside at 0 Km there is also at Kaliurang Street at KM. 5, near to Merapi Mountain. Hmm .. someday we will visit there. Okay, goodbye my lovely coffee lovers! 


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